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What's new - ixnote build 1.1.14

Enhanced visuals

Images tap into our imagination much more profoundly than words alone can. They stimulate our brain, which prefers colorful objects, lines, forms, visual rhythm, and patterns to plain text, focusing our attention and improving comprehension.

A drop capital

n initial capital, also referred to as a drop capital, is traditionally a letter at the beginning of a word, chapter, or paragraph more prominent than the rest of the text. In the latest release of ixnote initial emojis get this same treatment to enhance the emoji's visual impact on the graph and tap into the power of our visual cortex.

ixnote screen capture showing emoji enlargement

Pictures help our brains understand and remember information better than just words.

Insight prioritization

Insight is seeing connections between things that no one has seen before.

In ixnote, insight sits on the right-hand side, in the second-degree connections list. This is where we see, perhaps for the first time - highlighting what the people in the meeting have in common or what customers share the same requirements. The insight or second-degree list logic has been enhanced in this latest release of ixnote to persist these nodes better. As the user crops the view to improve focus, nodes with multiple connections remain while non-triangulated nodes are hidden.

These are the nodes that spark insight.

Safer Delete

Being able to delete nodes from the graph is essential, but doing it by accident is infuriating. To reduce the chance of unintentional deletion, delete is now red in the menu, and a confirmation button tap is required.

Quick Expand

"Showing X of X" is displayed at the foot of the first or second-degree list if it's clipped to remind the user they are not seeing everything. Taping on that text now displays the entire list.

macOS Monterey

This latest release of ixnote is now backward compatible with macOS 12, also called macOS Monterey

Pinned bugs

there were some small interface bugs in the Pinned Nodes implementation. It was possible to pin the same node twice, and if you deleted a pinned node, it remained visible on the pinned node list. Those bugs are fixed.

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